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Tamadoge Bank

Who says doges don't understand the concept of money? We're aware of the need to provide a fiat onramp to cater to all users. Thanks to our payments partner Transak, it's super easy to use your bank card to purchase $TAMA tokens and open up access to the Tamaverse.

Buy Tokens
Tamadoge Bank


To buy $TAMA with your bank card, simply use our Transak widget below to top up your wallet.

Transak enables the buying and selling of 130+ cryptocurrencies from within apps on 75+ blockchains via several different payment methods in 125+ countries. Moving between fiat and crypto has never been easier.

How To Buy

$TAMA tokens can be purchased in a number of ways depending on your personal preference. Our Transak widget above allows anybody to buy $TAMA using their bank card, bank transfer, or other traditional payment methods.

  • 1. Use the Transak widget above
  • 2. Select currency and payment method
  • 3. Enter your Ethereum wallet address
  • 4. Complete KYC and confirm transaction

Our Transak widget allows anybody to buy $TAMA using their bank card of choice, as well as other payment methods depending on your location. Simply follow the easy on-screen steps.

There are several payment options you can use to purchase $TAMA, depending on your location. Select the method you’re happy with, then fill out your order. Take note of the calculations and fees, then click ‘Buy Now’.

Your Ethereum wallet address is also known as your public key, a long series of numbers and letters. Enter your wallet address on this page. Take note of the order details and fees, then click ‘Buy TAMA’.

To use Transak’s card payment service there is a mandatory, one-time KYC process that needs to be completed. Don’t worry, it’s quick and should take only a few minutes to approve. These are the steps to completing KYC:

1. Enter your email address and the verification code that will be sent to you
2. Fill in your personal details and address information
3. Click through to the KYC page and have your ID document ready
4. Once redirected to the KYC page, with your ID document in hand, follow the on-screen steps to take the required selfie and submit

Once KYC is approved, you will be able to confirm your payment/wallet details and submit the transaction. Your $TAMA tokens will be sent to the wallet address provided.