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Tamadoge x OKX Special Promotion

Enter To Claim $10 From a Pool of $1 Million Dollars!

To celebrate our partnership with the tier one exchange OKX, we’re giving every new user that signs up and trades Tamadoge on OKX $10!

To sign up to OKX and claim your reward follow the below steps:

1. Sign Up + Complete KYC Level 1

– Sign up to OKX via this LINK & Complete The KYC Level 1

2. Trade TAMA/USDT

-Complete Your First Trade Of TAMA/USDT (no min trade) + Attach Proof Of TXN ID

3. Complete the steps in our form

- Enter Your OKX USDT TRC20 Address To Claim $10 Prize
- Follow Tamadoge on Twitter
- Retweet Tamadoge on Twitter
- Send a tweet
- Join the Tamadoge Telegram
- Attach Proof Of $TAMA Trade On OKX ( No Min Trade)
- Attach Proof Of KYC On OKX (KYC Level1)
- Add $TAMA To Your Watchlist On CoinMarketCap & Leave A Comment