Tamadoge News: Fourth game now available to play! Play Tama Blast now!
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Tamadoge Pets

Tamadoge is all about the doges. Nurture your pups, feed them, train them, and give them all the love they need. Once they reach adulthood they’ll be able to battle their rivals for honour in the Tamaverse, and earn owners some sweet rewards. Tamadoge NFTs are available on OpenSea – more on them below.

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Tamadoge Pets

Meet the Ultra Rare Tamadoge NFTs

Our collection of 100 Ultra Rare NFTs are purebred and ready to help you top the leaderboards! Featuring individual animated art from the Tamaverse, they boast up to 90% increased agility, speed, stamina strength, and vision - giving you the ultimate advantage when playing Tamadoge games.

The Ultra Rare Tamadoge NFT collection completely sold out in our first auction, but you may be lucky enough to pick one up on OpenSea.

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Rare Tamadoge NFTs are ready for battle!

The Rare Tamadoge NFTs are ready to help you battle your way up the leaderboards! Limited to 1,000 NFTs, and starting from 0.5 ETH, our rare Tamadoge NFT collection gives owners up to a 70% boost to stats to help you battle for the top spot and earn Tamadoge rewards!

There are a few Tamadoge Rare NFTs still available to buy on OpenSea, but be quick! These scrappy pups are selling out fast!

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Common Tamadoge NFTs are here!

Our biggest pack is now available to buy on OpenSea! The Tamadoge Common NFT collection is 20,000 strong and starts from just 0.02 ETH.

They aren’t as strong or fast as their rare or ultra rare brothers, but they do give you an advantage when playing our Tamadoge Arcade games and give you the chance to earn Tamadoge rewards.

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Baby Tamadoge NFTs are coming!

All NFT holders will be airdropped a baby version of their Tamadoge NFTs! The baby NFTs will be used exclusively with our Tamaverse and the main Tamadoge game. As you adventure your way through the Tamaverse your baby Tamadoge NFT will level up through training, collectibles and battles!

How To Buy

  • 1. Connect your wallet to OS
  • 2. Sign terms if first time on OS
  • 3. Select an NFT you want to buy
  • 4. Ensure you have enough ETH
  • 5. Sign the request in your wallet
  • 6. See your NFT in MetaMask?
  • 7. Download the OpenSea mobile app

Click Add to cart and complete purchase.

In your wallet go to settings -> Security & Privacy. Scroll down to ‘Enable Opensea API’ & ‘Autodetect NFTs’. Enable both settings

Download the app from the relevant app store and login using your MetaMask wallet