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Press Kit

Tamadoge branding looks great anywhere. Just respect the doge. We’ve got full guidelines for designers and developers below. Stick to our style preferences and you can’t go wrong.

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Press Kit

Icon and Logotype

The Tamadoge logo is the cornerstone of our brand identity. It is our signature; a sign of quality and considered design that users can trust.


Font Detail

Letters & Numbers

Font Detail

Letters & Numbers

Font Detail

Letters & Numbers

Colour Palette

Primary Colours
  • HEX #7FDBF0
  • HEX #072E53
  • HEX #FED643
  • HEX #F8962A
Secondary Colours
  • HEX #F7F7F9
  • HEX #873334
  • HEX #12D507
  • HEX #0D9138

Minimum Clear Space

The ‘exclusion zone’ is the clear area that surrounds the Tamadoge logo. To ensure that the logo remains clear and has impact, nothing should ever appear inside the exclusion zone. The clear space (shown here as a dotted line) is proportional and is defined as the height & width of the coin.

The logo exclusion area is based on the double measurement of the coin in the logo. This should be kept clear of any other content.



Inappropriate Use of the Logotype

To preserve the brands effectiveness in all applications, there are rules which must be adhered to regarding the presentation of logos & signifer below:

Don’t add shadow or any effects

Don’t adjust icon or text size

Don’t rotate

Don't stretch

Don't adjust opacity