Tamadoge News: Fourth game now available to play! Play Tama Blast now!
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Welcome to the Tamadoge School!

Here you’ll find out everything you need to know to about Tamadoge! From buying the $TAMA token to buying Tamadoge NFTs, crediting your Arcade account, climbing our leaderboards, and earning rewards. Simply scroll down for more information. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, connect with our social community or get in contact.


The Tamadoge token is the native token of the Tamaverse. You can use the $TAMA token to buy Tamadoge Arcade credits, trade on centralised exchanges such as OKX, and even use it to buy Tamadoge merch! You can buy $TAMA using credit card via our fiat partner Transak here, or trade on available exchanges here.

Tamadoge Arcade credits are used to play all Tamadoge Arcade games. They can be purchased using $TAMA. Spending credits is the only way to climb our leaderboards and win rewards for playing! You can load up your credits on play.tamadoge.io.

All Tamadoge Arcade games can be played on play.tamadoge.io, on desktop (mobile will be coming soon!). Each game has two play modes, practice mode, and pay to play mode.

Practice mode is our free-to-play version. In this version you can hone your skills and play all our Tamadoge games for free! Your scores won’t be displayed on our leaderboards and you won’t be able to use your Tamadoge NFTs to gain stats boosts in-game.

Pay-to-play mode accepts Tamadoge Arcade credits that provide access to all our Arcade games. By spending Arcade credits, you’ll be able to climb our leaderboards and equip your NFTs to earn Tamadoge rewards!

When playing our competitive pay-to-play games you can select a Tamadoge NFT to use in-game. Each game utilises certain traits of your NFT such as luck, speed, agility, strength, speed, and vision to boost your in-game performance. These stats boosts give you various in-game advantages such as greater control, more coins available, or higher chances of special items!

Each game has its own unique leaderboard - the higher you score playing the game, the higher you climb on our leaderboard. If you’ve got the skills to beat the other members of the Tamadoge Army and top our leaderboards, you’ll earn rewards!

Rewards are paid in $TAMA and are calculated on the last day of each month. Eligible players will receive rewards directly into the wallet they used to connect to the Tamadoge Arcade.

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