Tamadoge News: First game now available to play! Play Super Doge now!
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Win $100K Worth of Tamadoge!

That’s right, we’re giving one lucky person the chance to win $100k worth of Tamadoge. To enter, simply follow the steps in the competition box, or follow the steps below.

We want to give our community the best possible chance to win this prize, that’s why we’ve given you not one, not two, but nine ways to enter our competition.

What’s more, if you do every one of them they will total up to 17 entries into the competition!

1. Enter your crypto wallet address = 1 entry
2. Follow Tamadoge on Twitter = 1 entry
3. Tweet about Tamadoge and tag Elon Musk = 5 entries
4. Join the Tamadoge discord = 1 entry
5. Join the Tamadoge telegram = 1 entry
6. Share with your friends = 5 entries
7. Visit Tamadoge on instagram = 1 entry
8. Visit Tamadoge on YouTube = 1 entry
9. Retweet Tamadoge on Twitter = 1 entry

Good luck, and remember eligible entries must hold the equivalent of $100 of $TAMA at the time of the prize draw.